Let’s bend

The best in Shaping Solutions! Dynobend is an international operating manufacturer of high quality CNC tube bending systems.

Over 35 years of experience as the specialist for innovative and professional tube bending solutions. Dynobend has offered bending solutions for the bending and free forming of tubes and profiles in almost every possible branch.

Because of our knowledge and expertise, no challenge is too big. If the tube, pipe or the profile can be bent, Dynobend will realize the best solution for you.

CNC tube bending machines

Do you want to bend tubes in a smart, efficient and professional way? Do you produce different diameters of tubes or profiles for multiple clients? We offer standard electric tube bending machines with suitable tools as well as complete bending solutions for high volume production of tubes and profiles. 


Tell us what you need!

Combi bending machine (C)

Bending or rolling of tubes can be effortlessly combined in one tooling set.

Multi-level bending machine (M)

Complety servo-controlled up to the latest standard.

Mandrel bending machine (R)

Hydraulic and servo-electric bending machine.

Profile bending machine (CP)

Bending and rolling profiles
Enjoy high fitting and repeating accuracy.