Free Form bending machine (V)

Fully servo-controlled CNC bending machine for rolling tubes and profiles. This bending machine is mainly used to bend free forms such as spirals. The three-dimensionally controlled rolling arm determines the shape of your products correctly and quickly. You think of the shape and we build the solution.

Full electric free form bending machine

Next level free form bending

Unlimited possibilities in free form bending with this electric free form bending machine. If you choose a free form bending machine from Dynobend, your options consist of several standard types, depending on the maximum diameter of the pipe, tube or profile you choose the V40 or the V60. 

We also build customized solutions. You think of the shape and we build the optimal free form machine for you.

Advantages of the free form bending machine

Completely servo-controlled up to the latest standard

Completely up to date with current machine standards

Easy tool set-up.

No unnecessary loss of time on nonproduction related activities.

Great freedom around the bending head. Ideal for 3D bending.

No more concessions to your product because of shape restrictions of your bending machine.

Left and right rolling.

Thanks to our bending arm it is possible to switch easily from right to left and back. And there is extreme great freedom around the bending head. Complex geometries can be bend easily.

Rolling possible with mandrel

It is also possible to rollbend with mandrel from 2.5xD!

Ergonomic, work friendly loading height for material.

Lower sick rates due to optimal work circumstances around the bending machine.

Unique machine design because of compact construction method with integrated cabinet.

Gone are the hoses and other vulnerable components, because of the compact construction method with integrated cabinet.

Technical data of electric free form bending machine

Choose a machine from the Dynobend® V line and enjoy its complete standard equipment:


The machine has standard:

  • Servo-controlled rollers
  • Servo-controlled length transport using ball screws
  • Servo-controlled arm in x.y.z. directions
  • Servo-driven spatial rotation clamping jaw
  • Servo-driven clamping jaw holder
  • Freestanding mobile operating console with color touch screen

The software of the machine has standard:

  • Programmable Length shifts
  • Programmable rollbending angles
  • Programmable speeds
  • Programmable bending surfaces
  • PC control with EtherCAT system
  • Memory for more than 10.000 bending programs
  • Automatic calculation of multiple radii
  • Online service preparation withTeamviewer 
  • Network connection Windows

The best machine to produce spirals for heat exchangers!

This machine will amaze you in terms of what it can handle. The free form bending machine (V)  machine makes it happen. This machine can be intuitively programmed with the “Programmanager software”. You can easily program the machine the way you want, with sub-programs pre-programmed by us a product can be programmed quickly and easily. The different radii are calculated automatically.  The machine does this for a wide range of materials, as steel, aluminum, copper or stainless steel or strip material. This results in exact predictions of the needed materials and a reduction of undesired markings.

Great repeatability

Even with a great variety of semi-finished products, adjustments can be made easily. All material specific and product dependent parameters are always available within the 3D program. This results in great repeatability. Even between tool changes and independent of the skills of the operator of the bending machine.

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