Tube shaping products

No challenge is too big! If the tube or profile can be bent, we will built the best and most efficient solution for you.


Tell us what you need!

Bending machines

Combi bending machine (C)

Bending or rolling of tube can be effortlessly combined in one tooling.

Multi-level bending machine (M)

Complety servo-controlled up to the latest standard.

Mandrel bending machine (R)

Hydraulic and servo-electric bending machine.

Profile bending machine (CP)

Bending and rolling profiles
Enjoy high fitting and repeat accuracy.

Free form bending machine (V)

Next level free form bending with unlimited possibilities.

Compact bending machine (TM)

User friendly bending machine for a lot of materials.

Cambering machine (PB)

Cambering of beams can be done in no time at all.

Custom made

Production Lines
Comprehensive solutions that improve the entire production process.
Material Handling
The right solution with our material handling.
Machines that meets your needs to make your special products.


Create bend and roll bending programs.
Free Form Manager
Automated CNC-generation, correction and feasibility analysis.
Tube optimizer freeform correction
Highest standard of perfection for our free form bending.