Profile bending machine (CP)

The profile bending machine is especially developed for the bending of asymmetrical and symmetrical aluminium profiles.

Bending and rolling profiles

Enjoy high fitting and repeat accuracy.

The profile bending machine is especially developed for the bending of asymmetrical and symmetrical aluminium profiles. Other materials are possible as well. The profile bending machine offers great fit- and repeatability accuracy with for example window frames and covering profiles. Unique and intelligent tooling techniques make it possible to produce very high quality products in a cost efficient way.

High fitting and repeat precision in aluminum profiles for e.g. window frames or cladding profiles are easily achieved with this profile bending machine. Intelligent and unique tooling techniques enable the user to produce high-quality products efficiently on this machine.

Advantages of the profile bending machine

Completely servo-controlled up to the latest standard

Completely up to date with current machine standards

Easy tool set-up.

No unnecessary loss of time on nonproduction related activities.

Ergonomic, work friendly loading height for material.

Lower sick rates due to optimal work circumstances around the bending machine.

Unique machine design because of compact construction method with integrated cabinet.

Gone are the hoses and other vulnerable components, because of the compact construction method with integrated cabinet.

Technical data profile bending machine

Choose a machine from the Dynobend® CP-line and enjoy its complete standard equipment:


The machine has standard:

  • Servo-driven bending head
  • Servo-driven longitudinal transport
  • Servo-driven retainer
  • Servo-driven turnover arm
  • Hydraulic vertical clamping of bend die
  • Freestanding mobile operating console with colour touch screen

The software of the machine has standard:

  • Programmable longitudinal displacements
  • Programmable bending angles
  • Programmable speeds
  • PC controller with EtherCAT system
  • Hard disk for the storage for over 10.000 bending programs
  • Automatic calculation of the spring back correction and/or radius table
  • Online service preparation with Team Viewer
  • Network connection for Windows


Even with a great variability between semi-finished products there can be easily changed. All material specific and product dependant parameters are always available within the program. This results in great repeatability. Even between tool changes and independent of the skills of the operator of the bending machine.

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